How to run whatsapp application on proxy server

I installed whatsapp in my asus zenfone and run my phone on college’s proxy server using wifi connection. However, i can access internet using wifi but i cannot receive or send text on whatsapp.

While searching how to solve similar issue. To me it is strange that Whatsapp doesn’t use system proxy settings while other programs does.

After searching i saw there are too many ways we can connect whatsapp through proxy server.
Steps to use whatsapp on proxy server.

  1. Using Droid To get Whatsapp online you need to install ProxyDroid and set up proxy there. It has an option to turn it on automatically when connected to specific wi-fi network. I set it up for my college wi-fi and it works quite well.

  1. Installing Drony app:-
    1. For setting in drony app click here
  1. Install Open Vpn:-
    1. For setting in Open Vpn click hereDownload that app on Google play store and just add your proxy details and attributes
      and you should go to and download a .ovpn file and you can get the username i.e “vpnbook” and password which keeps on varying for few days ,you should keep checking thathere is a link to How to install OpenVpn for Android



Steps to configure Drony App to use whatsapp on proxy server

1.Download it from Google Play Store ( ).
2. Now go to Wifi settings and hold the Wifi network which you intend to use. Click ‘Modify Network’. Check ‘Advanced Options’. Choose ‘Manual’ in proxy settings. Type ‘localhost’ in Proxy Hostname and put the port as 8020.


3. Now start Drony. Swipe left to goto Settings. Choose Wifi under Network. There you will see your Wifi network. Click on it. Set proxy type as ‘Manual’ . Move down and set the other Proxy type as ‘Plain’. Put your hostname, port, username and password. Put any Domain name.

drony_settings2      drony_settings3

4.Now go back to the home screen and Click on ‘Off’ to set it as ‘On’. Your apps will now route through the proxy automatically.

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